The creators of The Portal are motivated to create a shift in the current paradigm. Around the world, in a vast diversity of communities, people are sensing that the stressful, over-exploited way we live now is simply unsustainable, especially when it comes to your mental wellbeing. Individual awareness helps raise international awareness: to innovate real change, we first need to manage our state of mind… one person at a time. But it takes a joint effort to reach a lot of people and build strong, honest connections. That’s why we created this film and book: to help us reach audiences, who become a community of action and a worldwide family of meditators, welcoming friends into a simple, free new habit that can transform both their brain and the planet.

Change is coming… and it’s up to us to shape it! Human-made problems require human-made solutions, which are within our reach… if we learn how to stretch our minds. We’re increasingly aware of multiple threats to our sanity, security and survival: the climate crisis, extinction events, mass distraction, and the collapse of old institutions which can no longer serve us. With meditation and mindfulness, we can attain the mental altitude required to navigate these 21st-century challenges.

Enter the Portal and join our worldwide tribe of screening hosts, meditators, brainstormers, innovators, collaborators, donors, policymakers and partners!


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  • Arrange a screening for your community (live / Skype Q&A appearances from the cast and crew are available by arrangement)
  • Arrange a screening for a workplace, company, organisation or institution
  • Arrange a screening for your meditation / wellbeing centre to introduce more people  to the value of meditation practice
  • Arrange a screening with a special community partner, such as a school, university / college, veterans group, correctional facility, hospital, nonprofit / charity, faith group, support group, sports club,  Alcoholics / Narcotics Anonymous,  etc
  • Arrange a screening for policymakers (local, state or federal government representatives) and their constituents


Your financial donation (which is tax-deductible for Australians) funds our outreach and impact campaign. This allows us to provide special social impact screening events + meditation training for audiences in need, as well as collaborating with strategic community partners to amplify our results. Every donation, large or small, matters because it means someone who needs to see this film but otherwise would not has been enabled by YOU.

Tax-deductible donations can be made via the prestigious Documentary Australia Foundation website.

Corporate Partnerships

Are you able to make an introduction to a strategic partner, community collaborator or philanthropic donor? We’d love to have your help. Please contact the producers here.

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Advanced Group Bookings

If you would like to organise a group booking for 20+ people at one of our selected cinemas for your organisation, school or yoga studio, get in touch below.