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Discover How To Achieve A Consistent State of Inner Calm, Vital HEALTH AND Bursting JoY - No Matter WHAT The State of the External World.

Introducing The Portal Masterclass

Experience A Fast, Reliable and Proven Method for Getting Into A Steady State of Calm, Happiness and Wellbeing.

To Say We Live In Turbulent Times is an Understatement

After being hit with disasters like bushfires, global pandemics, and a seemingly endless stream of bad news, violence and division… we have never faced a more challenging environment in which to remain calm, centered and at peace.

Most have been thrown into extreme situations and understandably, are finding it hard to find balance and happiness.

The effects are felt by everyone.

More than ever, people are…

- Feeling isolated, agitated and overwhelmed with the circumstances forced upon you…

- Experiencing financial stress as our businesses and practices have been hit…

- Anxious, worried and uncertain about what will come next and fear it’s worse than what’s already happened.

These worries are not unwarranted.

So, if you are feeling any of the effect right now, don’t worry.

You’re not alone.


With so much turmoil and uncertainty, many are wondering if it is even possible to feel good now. 

And it’s not your fault. 

These turbulent times have taught us many things so far…

Like how we are intimately connected to the external world and how it can undeniably negatively affect every aspect of our lives…

But these times have also taught us that at the end of the day, we are in control of our state of being. 

Those who have embraced this truth are not only remaining unaffected now…

But are also  experiencing more persistent peace, happiness and wellbeing.


First by accepting that...

...The Bare Minimum is No Longer Enough.

It used to be true that you could simply meditate and feel better. 

Or squeeze in a yoga session now and then, or make a smoothie and expect to feel good. Even your best. 

These things work in normal times…

But there are not normal times.

And now the bare minimum of self-care is no longer enough.

This is especially true if you’re an empath, sensitive to the broader energetic and cultural trauma that is being experienced all over the world..

The systemic failure to deal with the changes our world is going through is pulling many down to lower levels of consciousness. 

Bringing everyone’s baseline into a state of anxiety, fear and uncertainty. Which is why simply reacting or trying to remedy no longer works, or isn’t enough to create lasting change. 

Because this is not a temporary crisis. This is the way the world is now, and will be for the foreseeable future. 

And so, we must adapt. 

Now, to survive and thrive mentally and spiritually, we not only have to meet the world where it’s at, but also…

...Rise Above the Turmoil and HEAL FROM THE PAST

While now is an undeniably difficult time for so many… with no signs of changing or getting better… as we move through one crisis to another…

Now is also the best time to cultivate and sustain higher levels of consciousness and wellbeing.


Whether due to simply having more time at home to implement the proven practices that have become essential to tens of thousands the world over to live happy, satisfying and fulfilling lives…

Or simply because having persistent access to higher states of consciousness is essential rising above the anxiety, fear and worry of the rest of the world. 

What was once optional, has now become a necessity for so many.

Which is why now, for the first time ever, we are making our proven protocols more accessible than ever.

Taking the best of decades of coaching, consulting and training tens of thousands of students…

And distilling it into the simplest, most effective holistic practice—that is at the core of The Portal Movement.

So, that you can choose how to react.

Who you are going to be, in turbulent times?

And what kind of life you are going to live now, and for everything that comes next.

If you don’t want to be held back by mainstream media and fear, but instead rise to a new level of consciousness…

The real question to ask yourself is…

Will you let your state of mind and body be held back by the state of the world?

Or will you rise above and unlock your true potential? 

For yourself, for those close to you, for the world..?

If you chose the latter, then you’re ready for….

The Portal Masterclass


A Proven Process to Cultivate and Sustain the Highest STATE OF PHYSICAL, Mental, and spiritual HEALTH and Wellbeing

If you’re struggling with anxiety, depression, insomnia, trauma, overwhelm, feel exhausted with life, or you simply feel lost and are looking for wise guidance and companionship to navigate these times, then this program is for you.

The times are simply going to demand a more integrated, holistic and collective approach to making sense and finding peace in the world. 

Which is why over the next 12 weeks of this program, I’ll take you through a proven process that takes the best of lesser-known ancient practices, and cutting edge neuroscience to cultivate and sustain higher levels of consciousness and wellbeing. And distilling it into a Masterclass designed for busy people, in challenging situations to give you short, informative and practice videos and methods. So you can get maximum results from minimal effort and with ease—using methods that work now, in todays cultural and emotional climate. 

So, you can rise above the status quo and naturally, effortless, and joyfully rising to a new, higher level of consciousness and wellbeing—with a conscious community of empowered wellness warriors, healers, and light workers to help keep you accountable to reaching the states you desire.

In The Portal Masterclass You Will Discover:

  • Why in turbulent times it feels harder to reach a calm and centered state with most meditation practices, and what you can do now to naturally restore your balance and find equanimity in an uncertain world.
  • What truly makes you happy and how you can allow your happiness to effortlessly emerge, and overflow into the lives of others you love and care for.
  • How to create an unshakable sense of calm that is unaffected by the stress, anxiety and worries of other people, so you can bring those around you up to a higher level, instead of letting them bring you down.
  • Why a conscious community and collective is the secret to naturally raise your consciousness to higher levels, and makes the process far more natural, effortless and enjoyable.
  • How to effortlessly rewire your nervous system to switch off anxiety and depression, and easily reach deeper states of calm, peace and relaxation on demand.
  • The art of mental mastery to create more focus, confidence and certainty—to create more control over your life and your ability to create what you desire.
  • How to ground yourself in your body with sacred movement based practices, to create a calm strength and a newfound trust in your body to support you in the ways you need it. 
  • How to turn your environment, wherever you are, into a sacred space that lifts you up, so you can sustain higher levels of happiness and peace even when spending more time indoors and at home.
  • The healing power of yoga and how to unlock its sacred benefits, even if you have never tried yoga before or are stuck at your current level with your existing practice. 
  • How to access and sustain higher states of consciousness to unlock your full potential, instead of settling for stress, anxiety and depression in your life. 
  • The #1 way to ground yourself every day, to release negativity and restore a sense of peace, balance and calm. 
  • How to breakthrough what gets in the way of your happiness, and how you can allow your happiness to effortless emerge from within. 
  • What no one is telling you about living a peaceful empowered life in modern civilization, and exactly what minor changes you can make now that will make the largest and lasting positive effect on your life and the lives of those around you. 
  • The secret to mastering your mind, to silence negative thoughts, your inner-critic, and cultivate an enduring positivity that influences how you perceive and interact with the world—forever. 
  • What your wellbeing vision is and how to craft an exciting vision that is easy to achieve, to make your wellness practice the most exciting part of your life.

    And much, much more…

The Portal Masterclass is not like other programs. It is a holistic, immersive and transformational guided journey that will teach you to open a Portal in your own life—exactly where you are now— to step into a new world and radically change the way you perceive and interact with the world. And how the world interacts with you… 

And I’ll be with you every step of the way.


Meet Your Instructor: Tom Cronin

Tom Cronin is the creator of The Portal Masterclass and a meditation teach to many of the world’s leading experts, CEOs and influential figures. 

Tom spent 26 years in finance markets as one of Sydney’s leading bond and swap brokers. He discovered meditation in the early stages of his career, when the anxiety and chaos he was experiencing had hit a crisis point, and it completely transformed his world, both personally and professionally.

Founder of The Stillness Project, a global movement to inspire one billion people to sit in stillness daily, Tom is passionate about reducing stress and chaos in people’s lives. His ongoing work in transformational leadership and cultivating inner peace through meditation teaching and coaching takes him around the world hosting retreats, mentoring, presenting keynote talks, teaching and creating The Portal film-book experience, all part of his commitment to the current planetary shift.

featured in

exotic retreats

Tom leads yearly retreats in exotic locations around the world like Greece, Bali and Hawaii, to help people bring the peace back with them into civilization.

mainstream media

Tom has brought these transformational practices to the mainstream media through The Morning Show, The Sydney Morning Herald and many more.

mainstream media

Tom has brought these transformational practices to the mainstream media through The Morning Show, CBS, Conde Naste, The Sydney Morning Herald and many more.

leading speaker

Tom has shared the stage with many of the world’s most renowned thinkers, teachers and leaders at conferences like Afest, Wanderlust and Adnews Summit and companies like Amazon, Harvard, Coca-Cola and Oracle.

What Happens When You Choose to Enter
The Portal Masterclass

The Portal Masterclass goes beyond traditional wellness programs, as I will teach you a holistic approach that integrates the most effective types of meditation, yoga, nutrition, movement, and environmental factors that will naturally allow your consciousness and wellbeing to rise to new, higher levels. 

Even if you know some about the methods talked about in this program, it will help you find more effective methods of each that fit your unique needs. And how you can use them to form a total lifestyle that makes it effortless for you to deepen into and sustain ongoing and authentic peace and happiness every day.

The program is called The Portal Masterclass, because by the end fit, you will feel like you’ve stepping through a portal into a new, calmer, and more peaceful world. And better, more present, focused and happier, you.

6 Reasons You’ll Love The Portal Masterclass:

1. Find Calm Regardless of Circumstances

Many people are facing challenging and difficult times now that are unprecedented. Whether it be financial stress, fear and worry, or simply uncertainty with the way the world is changing… what you will learn in this program will help you create a certain and secure sense of calm regardless of your circumstance. That will not only stop you from overthinking and burning out, but also put you in the best position to actually solve the challenges you face in your every day life. 

2. Feel Less Reactive and More Focused

Life happens between the plans we make. Most of the stress, turmoil and depression people feels comes from how we react to this circumstances in our lives. And now this is more true than ever. Imagine feeling a sense of peace and space between the events that happen in your life—and your reaction to them. And how much better you will be able to respond when you get to choose to respond, instead of feeling scattered, frantic, or compromised. 

3. Show Up Better For Your Family

Our personal wellness practice is not just something we do for ourselves, but also for our families. As how we show up in the world affects those around us, that we care about the most, and goes on to effect everyone else in our community from there. When we elevate and sustain and higher state of consciousness, we powerfully shift the way we show up in the world—which lifts up everyone around us, too. When you do this for you, you also do this for them.

4. Program Your Mind For Happiness and Joy

Your mind is always trying to help you, but if you don’t teach it how you want to be helped, it will put you in a state of stress, worry and concern. But when you use the methods shared in this program you will be able to effortless rewire your mind to orientate towards states of happiness, joy and purpose. Imagine starting every day happy and how differently things will be when this is your new baseline. 

5. Reach The Highest Levels of Wellbeing And Sustain Them 

Over the course of this program you will rewire your nervous system for effortless relaxation, peace and focus. Which will allow you to return to your baseline and go beyond to explore higher states of consciousness and wellbeing. And navigate new, ultra-high states of happiness, intuition and insight as you experience your true potential as a conscious being. 

6. Connect with a Conscious Community and Get Group Accountability

Instead of letting the fact that you are intrinsically connected to the world be something that holds your back, let it become a source of strength by connecting with a conscious community that empowers you. When you join this program you also join a conscious collective of wellness warriors, peacemakers, and light workers. Who are on the same mission as you and hold you accountable to your goals and having a higher presence in the world.

What You’ll Learn in The Portal Masterclass

Week 1: Setting The Foundation For Your Healing

We’ll begin by addressing truly where you are at, and how you are being affected now. Bringing awareness and acceptance into your present moment so that you may truly grow and reach the next level of your conscious evolution.

Week 2: Turning the Switch on the Sympathetic and Parasympathetic Nervous System

Our minds and our bodies are intrinsically and inseparably linked, and often evidence of this is how states of stress and overwhelm (even subconsciously) affect or nervous system—and switch off our bodies ability to relax, and restore. This week you’ll learn how to rewire your sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system to turn your body into your greatest ally for your personal and spiritual wellbeing.


Week 3: Beyond Mindfulness and Meditation

While the world has made tremendous progress in the last year in understanding what mindfulness is and the role it plays in our lives, there is still much more progress to go. This week we’ll unlock the true potential of mindfulness, meditation and the role it has to play in elevating our consciousness and sustain ever higher peaks into plateaus.

Week 4: Connecting With Your Body and Loving Your Sacred Physical Temple

Our relationship with the external world always begins with our relationship to ourself. In this week we will explore how to love yourself, and care for your sacred physical temple. To provide yourself with the security, stability and sanctuary you understandably need.

Week 5: The Healing Power of Yoga and Its Forms

As we go about our day, tension is created in response to our circumstance. In order to truly be free of what holds you back, you need an easy and effective way to release this tension. Which is why this week we will be covering the healing power of yoga and stretching, to active your bodies natural capacity of healing and personal evolution.

Week 6: The Art and Importance of Deeper, More Restorative Sleep

The one thing all humans do every day that we do not take seriously enough is our need for sleep. You will not get the best sleep you need, unless you prepare for it well. Which is why this week we will be sharing the best practices for getting deeper, more restorative sleep every night. So you always wake up feeling your best.

Week 7: Empowerment Over Technology, Media and Social Media

One of the primary ways fear holds us back in lower states of consciousness is through constant bombardment in the mainstream media. In this week we will discuss practices for removing this influence, and overcoming the subconscious cost it has on your levels of wellbeing.

Week 8: The Healing Power of Earthing and Nature

The most powerful healing force on earth is the power of nature. In this week, we will discuss how to bring the healing power of nature, earthing and grounding into your life. To protect yourself from ongoing negative influence and release and hard to resolve tension in your body and mind.


Week 9: We Are What We Eat

Any program that did not address the profound importance of diet and nutrition on wellbeing would be deficient. Which is why this week we will go through the most useful practices for eating for health and wellbeing.

Week 10: How to Avoid Toxicity In Your Life

Now that you are operating a new, higher level of consciousness and wellbeing—it’s time to remove any lingering negative anchors in your life that are stopping you from showing up in your full potential. In this module, its time to clear out the toxicity.

Week 11: Mastering The Mind

All tension begins in the mind, and so to be truly free of stress, fear and anxiety you must master your mind. Which is why this week we will discuss how your mind is programmed for certain thought patterns and what you can do now to reprogram your mind to reach and sustain higher levels of consciousness and wellbeing.

Week 12: Setting Your Vision and Intentions For a Better World

Your level of growth will continue to grow and fill the container of the goals you have set for yourself. This last and final week we will explore how to set a powerful vision for yourself and the world you want to live in. And how you will grow into a leader to have the effect you want on your family, community and causes you care about.

Week 13: BONUS WEEK! Exploring Enlightenment

We have added in this BONUS MODULE where we will dive deep into the phenomenon of 'enlightenment'. We will look at what it is, how do we get there, and what is life like for us when we get there? This is a special module that will expand your mind and heart!


Over the next 13 weeks, you will unpack the most powerful and transformative methods for elevating and sustaining your consciousness and wellbeing. To rise above the chaos, turmoil and uncertainty of the world as it is now. And open a portal to your true potential, wherever you are, to a new, calmer, more peaceful world. And a happier, more present and focused you.

What Other Students Say About Tom Cronin:

If you need some extra reassurance about the life-changing power of the program, check out some testimonials from past students, customers and clients:

“Making the decision to do the course has been the greatest thing I have done for myself. It has changed my life.”

"I was suffering from anxiety, panic attacks, depression, emotional breakdowns and insomnia. Making the decision to do the course has been the greatest thing I have done for myself. It has changed my life. There is nothing I could recommend more highly in this life."


“Tom Cronin showed me that there was no need to live a life in fear.”

"I was searching for anything that would cure my anxiety. I was desperate but I thought I was incapable of living a life free of anxiety. Tom Cronin showed me that there was no need to live a life in fear. With the meditation and with Tom's ongoing guidance and support I am now experiencing a life full of light and harmony."


“You have no idea how much greatness you have brought into my life.”

"Just overwhelmed with gratefulness. You have no idea how much greatness you have brought into my life. I feel so blessed to have found you just at right moment in my life too. Thank you!” 


“I have met many meditation teachers in my life but Tom talked right to my soul.”

"I have met many meditation teachers in my life but Tom talked right to my soul. He has huge knowledge and experience in this subject and his way of sharing it is extraordinary.”


“There have been huge financial rewards from my progress this year.”

"Tom, there’s no question my mood and my confidence has been significantly helped by you. I owe you a lot mate. There have been huge financial rewards from my progress this year.”

James Willis

Our Commitment to Affordability

Over the years, I’ve refined this process in working with tens of thousands of clients who I have helped reach ever higher levels of consciousness and wellbeing and sustain them.

And with the turbulent and challenging times so many are going through right now, my main priority is making this program affordable and accessible to everyone.

To give you the proven protocol you need to take back control during this time.

And give you access to the community you need as you undergo this transformation. So, that you have the training, guidance and community to raise and sustain higher levels of consciousness and wellbeing—when you need it most. Which is why this program will not cost you $1,000 or even $537, like normal.

But instead is just a one time investment of $100.

Making now the absolute best time to join The Portal Masterclass and experience the amazing transformation for yourself. We’re doing this because we want to put this proven Portal protocol in the hands of as many people as possible now.

So, we’re making this more accessible than ever to help you and everyone you know create a portal to a better world in their own lives. Plus, when you join today you also get instant access to…

When You Join Now You Also Get Access to These Incredible Bonuses

1. A Free Copy of the Faster Deeper Calm book, by Tom Cronin for rapid and profound insights to reflect on and stir internal shifts in consciousness. 

2. The Empowerment Series to help you integrate your wellness practice and priorities with the external world, and stay above the drama and turmoil as you deepen into your practice. 

3. Four Powerful Guided Meditations our most shared guided meditation audio series, to listen to when you need an immediate shift in consciousness, wherever you happen to be. 

These bonuses have sold for hundreds of dollars in the past, but are now yours free.

While you have more time indoors and to reflect, these bonuses are a perfect way to compliment the transformation you’ll be experiencing throughout The Portal Masterclass. But if the best discount ever offered and these incredible bonuses aren’t enough of a reason to get started now, when you join today you’re also protected by our…

You’re Protected By Our Unconditional 14-Day Guarantee

Right now it feels like everything is working against you, and nothing is truly safe. But when you join The Portal Masterclass now, you are protected by our unconditional 14-day money back guarantee.

This means you don’t have to say yes to The Portal Masterclass right now. You only have to say maybe and see if it’s for you. 

That’s how confident we are that you will raise your level of consciousness and wellbeing in this program. 

And if you feel that it’s still not for you after giving it a try, you can get your money back. No questions asked.

Special Discount: Join Now and & Enjoy 80% Off and Experience a Guaranteed Transformation

If you’ve read this far, then you’ve already taken a huge first step towards raising your level of consciousness and wellbeing. And choosing not to be a victim of circumstances, but to consciously improve your life and join a community of like-minded wellness warriors who feel the same way as you.

Which is why we are offering you the exclusive chance to join The Portal Masterclass for an 80% discount!

Yes, the entire Portal Masterclass curriculum is yours for just $100, instead of $597.

To secure the discount, just join the program on this page now. Plus, you’ll still qualify for our unconditional 14-day guarantee - which lets you try the entire Portal Masterclass before deciding if it’s for you.

So don’t lose hope, or feel as though you have to go through this alone.

Join us and together we will step through The Portal and build a better world together.

Here’s What You Get When You Join The Portal Masterclass Now:

  • Our best personal transformation program responsible for a global movement.
  • The full 12-Week program of The Portal Masterclass to effortlessly elevate and sustain higher levels of consciousness and wellbeing.
  • A Free Copy of the Faster Deeper Calm book, by Tom Cronin for rapid and profound insights to reflect on and stir internal shifts in consciousness.
  • The Empowerment Series to help you integrate your wellness practice and priorities with the external world, and stay above the drama and turmoil as you deepen into your practice.
  • Four Powerful Guided Meditations our most shared guided meditation series, to listen to when you need an immediate shift in consciousness, wherever you happen to be.
  • Instant Access to our Consciousness Collective of Wellness Warriors, Peacemakers, and Lightworkers, raising each other to higher levels and holding each other accountable to our own elevated wellbeing.
  • And of course, our unconditional 14-day money back guarantee.

Which means there's absolutely no risk to starting The Portal Masterclass now for just $100.

Making now the best time ever to join, and get all the amazing bonuses.

Join The Portal Masterclass Now.

You Show The World Who You Are In A Crisis:

Many people have a plan, until life happens. And it’s then, when we are the most compromised that we show the world who we truly are.

The strength of our character. Who we are for others, when they are in need. Who we are for ourselves, when we are in need. For many the reality of this situation makes them feel stressed. Overwhelmed. Worried. Uncertain. Anxious. Angry. Scared.

That’s understandable. These are unprecedented times. And new to everyone. But when you boil all the chaos down, it’s as simple as this…

Are you going to go with the flow of the rest of the world through this crisis and the next?

And stay locked into these lower levels of consciousness? 

Or are you going to choose better for yourself?

Are you going to commit to elevating your level of consciousness and wellbeing—to step out of the turmoil—and into your true potential as a source of light and leader in the world? 

And set your own example… emerging better from this time that is given to you?

Because it’s a gift. 

So, use it.

And take advantage of this incredible off on The Portal Masterclass today.

This is the best time to join us and you’re backed by our guarantee so there’s absolutely no risk to you.

And when you do, you will love who you become in the process.


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