Who We Are

Tom Cronin, Ep / Producer

Tom spent 26 years in finance markets as one of Sydney’s leading bond and swap brokers. He discovered meditation in the early stages of his career, when the anxiety and chaos he was experiencing had hit a crisis point, and it completely transformed his world, both personally and professionally. Founder of The Stillness Project, a global movement to inspire one billion people to sit in stillness daily, Tom is passionate about reducing stress and chaos in people’s lives. His ongoing work in transformational leadership and cultivating inner peace through meditation takes him around the world hosting retreats, mentoring, presenting keynote talks, teaching and creating The Portal film-book experience, all part of his commitment to the current planetary shift.

Jacqui Fifer, Producer / Director

Jacqui is a passionate filmmaker with a commitment to authentic storytelling and a taste for big visions. She has had an extensive career in the film industry as Producer, Director and Line Producer, leading teams from development through to post and visual effects on several feature films. She produced the multi-award-winning dramatic feature, Concealed (2017) and was a key player in such films as Better Watch Out (2016), The Osiris Child (2016) and Infini (2015). While based in Spain, she co-directed the 2012 and 2013 “Dones en Art” (Women and Film) festivals in Spain. For Jacqui, life is work is joy is life—there is no separation, and the former Ibiza DJ brings a philosophy of seamlessness and union to everything she does. What emerges is a unique marrying of sound, words, pictures and heart that moves the soul. The Portal is her directorial debut.